Xpy 1.2.5

Modify the hidden options of Microsoft Windows' installation


  • Simple way to close Windows security threats


  • Does not explain what some components do

Very good

Do you know that when you install Windows, it leaves open a lot of vulnerable points that can be exploited by hackers or spyware.

Xpy allows you to close a lot of these vulnerable holes and make Windows considerably safer without the need to install any kind of security software. Amongst the things it can do are disable Windows "calling home", disable unnecessary services, disarm Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and remove Windows Messenger.

You can instantly improve your privacy and security by running it and removing certain unneeded components, speed up the performance of your system. The problem however is that it can close vital components that are needed for Windows to update itself.

When you are presented with a list of components to remove or close-off, be very careful what you select as there is no real guide as to what each one corresponds to. The reason for this is that XPY is written and compiled using NSIS which do often get picked up as spyware by programs such as AdAware. The developers have assured that the program does not install any kind of malware and they are working to resolve this problem

A very simple way to close security holes and threats on Windows but be careful what you remove or close down.

Small tool which disables the default threats of a Windows XP installation. Besides disabling Windows and some of its components to communicate with Microsoft servers, xpy improves privacy settings and your system's security.

Though xpy is smaller than 60 kilobytes, it can close serious threats (i.e. DCOM) definitively, where large service-packs can only protect you until a new security hole has been found.

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